Review tenses

Wir erinnern uns an die Zeitformen der englischen Sprache…

simple present

  • She always reads English book.
    (he, she, it das s muss mit) … sometimes, usually, often, always

present progressive

  • She is reading an English book just now.
    (be + Verb + Infinitiv) … just now, at the moment

present perfect simple

  • She has alredy read the book.
    (have + past participle) … alredy, ever, never, yet, yet not

present perfect progressive

  • She have been reading the book … since last friday/for four days.
    (have + been+ Verb + Infinitiv) … point in time/period of time

simple past

  • She read the book yesterday.
    yesterday, last day, ago

past progressive

  • She was reading the book when the mobile phone rang.
    (was/were + Verb + Infinitiv) (rang= simple past)

past perfect

  • After she had read the book, she called her best friend.


  • She will read the book tomorrow.

future perfect

  • By friday she will have read the book.


  • If she had time, she would read a good book.

conditional perfect

  • If she had had time, she would have read a good book.